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Albion Releases Netiquette Quiz Applet

    We're very excited to launch our first Java applet. It's nifty and it's fun and it's a good way to brush on the rules of network etiquette -- take the Netiquette Quiz. This is the first of many to come. Enjoy. 
    December 9, 1996

Browse Blake Online

    One never knows how an Internet mailing list will turn out when you launch it. There are simply too many variables -- Will anyone sign up? Post? Break up into a ball of flame? Will there be so much list traffic that the mail server blows up? This summer, Albion's most popular service has been Blake Online, a mailing list devoted to the life and work of 19th-century poet William Blake. Launched into the academic vapors of the Internet in November 1993, the Blake list has hundreds of subscribers from around the world who discuss and debate everything from the meaning of the word "modern" to the minutae of Blake's illuminated poems. Find out how to subscribe or review the Blake Online archives. 
    September 5, 1996

Albion Closes MSN Services

    This isn't exactly a "hot" item, but for the record and in case anyone is the least bit interested, we've closed all four of our services on The Microsoft Network. We'll be redeploying most of our MSN content here on the web and we look forward to continuing our record of developing and delivering innovative online services. Add this page to your Bookmark collection or Favorite Places and stop by later this summer to see what we're coming up with next. If you're an MSN member, check out our farewell message
    July 10, 1996

The Millennium Shows - an online novel

    Albion is pleased to announce the World Wide Web edition of Philip Baruth's futuristic novel, The Millennium Shows. The text and graphics of the original paperback edition (ISBN 0-9637025-5-6) are now available at the Albion web site in their entirety, with a page for each of the book's thirteen chapters. The Millennium Shows is a beautifully-crafted tale about a wanderer known only as "Story". Armed with a credit card and a healthy paranoia about the modern world, Story joins a group of merry deadheads on a cross-country voyage to the ultimate New Year's Eve party on December 31, 1999. Why wait three more years? Join the revelry now. 
    June 21, 1996

Novel Discussion Chat on Pigs in Heaven

    Albion host Catherine Hubbard and Novel Discussions participants discussed Pigs in Heaven by Barbara Kingsolver on May 30, 1996. Check out the transcript of this lively chat session.

AuthorChat with Kevin Savetz

    Albion hosted a live chat event with netscribe and man-about-the-net Kevin Savetz on Tuesday, May 28. Kevin was on hand in the BookExpo chat room (Go word "bookexpo" on MSN), discussing his new book MBONE: Multicasting Tomorrow's Internet and other net-related items. If you're interested in finding out more about Kevin or the MBONE, check the chat transcript.

Spring Media Bug

    Did anyone see Virginia Shea, author of Netiquette, live on CNN on April 4? Most of the CNN staff were off to Montana to cover the arrest of the Unabomber suspect, but Virginia anchored a segment on the ever-popular topic of network etiquette. Virginia was also featured in a cover story in the San Francisco Chronicle last month, as well as in a morning commute radio program.

"Online Insider" chat with Robert Seidman 2/22

    On February 22, 1996, AlbionBooks hosted a live chat event with Robert Seidman, author of the influential newsletter, "Online Insider." The chat was held in Albion's new Doors of Cyberspace area on The Microsoft Network -- an edited transcript is now available.

Albion publishes guide to MSN

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