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The Millennium Shows by Philip E. Baruth, San Francisco

Welcome to the World Wide Web edition of Philip Baruth's futuristic novel, The Millennium Shows. The text and graphics of the original paperback edition (ISBN 0-9637025-5-6) are presented here in their entirety, with a page for each of the book's thirteen chapters.


Front Matter & Dedication

Publisher's Introduction


    "My life is a set-list."

Chapter 1

    "When I lost Edward and Sonjee, it was like losing parents, and brothers and sisters."

Chapter 2

    "The traffic woke me near six; a change in the sound above me from unpatterned to patterned, fuller, throatier."

Chapter 3

    "My sleep is always black and dreamless as espresso after I tell the story, perfect, undisturbed."

Chapter 4

    "In the morning Ella wouldn't get out of bed."

Chapter 5

    "Most mornings we would ripple into consciousness, like lights coming on in series."

Chapter 6

    "The winter never happened for us."

Chapter 7

    "There was a time: I knew a woman who was to have a child by the Dead."

Chapter 8

    "It was surpassingly strange, to find ourselves in a house."

Chapter 9

    "I filled their tank with gas somwhere outside of Costa Mesa, California, and the old woman cashier reminded me in a soft clunking voice that Sunday was the expiration date of my card."

Chapter 10


Chapter 11

    "I had to stop and lean on a car half way there."

Chapter 12

    "That was the begining of the long afternoon."

Chapter 13

    "Edward was ready to leave."

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