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The Newbie's Guide to The Microsoft Network
by Michael Lehman

"The authoritative guide to The Microsoft Network online service"
-- Somebody, Somewhere

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Special Features

An authoritative guide to The Microsoft Network, the revolutionary new online service developed in conjunction with Windows 95.

Detailed instructions on how to:

Presents a unique "motif-based" design that allows readers to review material by following special themes like culture, step-by-step and favorite places.

Book Info

The Microsoft Network is a worldwide online service that combines the user-friendliness of commercial online services with the expansiveness of the global Internet.

This unique network calls for a unique book. Albion Books is proud to announce The Newbie's Guide to The Microsoft Network. Designed for network newcomers ("newbies") as well as experienced networkers, this is the book that reveals everything you need to know to explore and enjoy the Microsoft Network.

In clear and friendly terms, author Michael Lehman explains all the basics: how to connect to and navigate the network, and how to use basic services like email, bulletin boards, chats, and file libraries. More advanced chapters cover the art of shortcuts, configuration tips for the power newbie, and using the network to surf the worldwide Internet. At every turn, Michael points the way to favorite places and useful tools.

The book's design makes complex network topics accessible to a wide audience. Each chapter of The Newbie's Guide to The Microsoft Network is organized into six motifs: Essence, Favorite Places, Step-by-step, Culture, Feature Creep, and Schematics. You can approach the book in either a "linear" page-by-page fashion or by following the cross-referenced motifs.

Need a quick overview of The Microsoft Network's key features? Review the essays under the "Essence" motif. Need detailed instruction? Follow the "Step-by-step" motif; it's all there. Want to do the right thing? The "Culture" motif documents the unspoken conventions and cultural contexts of specific services.

For those who revel in the network's complexity, the "Feature Creep" motif provides detailed information on how to use advanced features. Both newbies and "knowbies" alike will appreciate the tables, maps, charts and other qualitative displays found under the "Schematics" motif.

The book includes free access to online updates in Newbie Forum on MSN, an online companion to the book. The Newbie Forum provide examples, regular updates, and communication with both the author and the broad community of newbies. Whether you're a weathered net.veteran or a complete beginner, you'll want to join Michael on this exciting tour of cyberspace's newest frontier.

About the Author

While Michael Lehman has been programming computers for over twenty-two years, he still approaches life with the fresh outlook of a newbie. In addition to writing and computers, he has lived other lives as a community organizer, lyricist, low-income housing advocate, puppeteer, and teacher.

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