Web & Java Services

  • Strategic Web Planning -- Gone are the days when companies could throw some pages up on the web, sit back, and watch the hits roll in. Careful planning and execution are necessary to achieve significant business goals on the web. What are your goals? What kind of editorial will attract the browsers you want to reach? Which technologies will help you get the kind of response you want? How can you measure your site's effectiveness? What are the steps necessary to maintain a "live" site, versus a static site that attracts cobwebs? Albion has been planning web sites for five years and can help you plan and then produce a winning web site.

  • Java Programming -- Build your web site with Java magic. Established as the standard programming language of the Internet, Java allows web sites to deliver significant new capabilities. Technical director Michael Lehman has over twenty years of programming experience and can leverage Java technology to help you add programatic content and capabilities to your site, from animated interfaces to interactive games, from custom channel changers to discussion group browsers.

  • HTML Production -- HTML coding is an art. Under the direction of publisher Seth Ross, Albion has published thousands of web pages on several web sites over the past four years. We track the performance of our pages daily and have refined our hypertext practices through unending trial-and-error. While we have used all the major HTML layout programs at one time or another, we hand-code our pages whenever possible to ensure maximum impact. For large or complex projects, we rely on Perl scripts and database backends to generate HTML.

  • Perl/CGI Programming -- From counters to electronic order forms, Albion can develop Perl programs and CGI scripts that add new capabilities to your web server. 
  • Internet Mailing List Management -- Need to maintain contacts with customers? browsers? employees? an affinity group? Albion can run and maintain an Internet mailing list for you. We've been running a UNIX-based mailing list server since 1993 and currently host popular lists such as Blake Online. 

  • Writing & Editing -- Our professional authors and editors available for your editorial projects. We're accustomed to substantial projects that must be completed under tight deadlines. Let us apply our years of book publishing experience to your editorial needs.

  • Desktop & Database Publishing Production -- We specialize in producing substantial reference works using FrameMaker. We're also experienced in devising database publishing solutions for both print and web production.  


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