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Michael Lehman, Technical Director

As our Technical Director, Michael Lehman often works late into the night to keep at the cutting edge of Internet technology. He has over 20 years of computer programming experience and is skilled in several programming languages including Java, Perl, and C. He is the author of The Newbie's Guide to The Microsoft Network and has managed forums and hosted live chat events for Internet newcomers. He is an accomplished trainer and public speaker, demonstrating a unique ability to translate complex technical issues into layman's terms and to troubleshoot system problems in person, by phone, and over an Internet connection.

Programming Samples:

Netdictionary (Applet Version):
The Netdictionary is a compedium of technical, cultural, and humorous words related to the universe of cyberspace. If you are using a Java-compatible browser to view this page, you'll want to check out the Java version of the Netdictionary.

Netdictionary (HTML Version):
If you do not have a Java-compatible browser, we also provide a non-Java version which is compatible with any web browser.

Netiquette Quiz:
Test your network etiquette knowledge with the Netiquette Quiz, a fun Java applet. You need a Java-compatible browser to run this applet.

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