• www.albion.com -- This is our home page. It currently features an iconic, table-based interface.

  • The Fairfax Lectern -- We created this site for an educational publishing company in Marin County, California.

  • Netdictionary -- Our latest. This applet provides definitions for hundreds of Internet-related terms within a compact, easy-to-use interface. It demonstrates how Java can be used to create sophisticated front-ends to editorial content. Let us create a specialized content viewer for you.

  • Netiquette Quiz -- This brief quiz applet illustrates how Java can be used to solicit browser input in an efficient and unobtrusive way. Take the quiz and see how you score.

  • Blake Online -- Albion has managed this successful Internet mailing list since 1993. You can sample our mailing list server set-up by subscribing. 


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