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Happenings Archives 1996-98

Notice to DDoS Low-life

    At approximately 10:45 AM on Wednesday, February 9, 2000, was blacked out by a denial-of-service attack.

    To the culprits who launched the attack: Greetz and gr3TE j0b dudz! -- you managed to block a small personal site dedicated to greeting new users, one that dates back to the pre-commercial net and has always stuck close to the roots. Not a corporation even, just a couple of guys running it out of a garage and an old Victorian flat. Unlike Yahoo and eBay, we didn't have a team of network security engineers on call to fix the problem, so we were down for 24 hours. Which is not to say we don't know security, or how to hunt you down in your crummy little shooting galleries. Next time we call the fedz and give them a clue.

    For any of you who may be curious about what a denial-of-service attack does to a web site, check out the log files.

UNIX System Security Tools Published

    By Seth T. Ross. Published by McGraw-Hill. Here's an excerpt from the book that includes an introduction to UNIX, an introduction to computer security, a discussion of open-source security software, ten general security rules, and a bibliography: The book can be ordered at
    September 5, 1999

Bestselling Books -- 50% off

    You can't beat's latest marketing barnstorm: an offer of 50% off New York Times® bestsellers. is an affiliate ... so go ahead: see what's hot, then click and buy to support our publishing program.
    Disclaimers: Neither or is affiliated with The New Yorks Times; the listed books may be popular and inexpensive but there's no guarantee any of them are worth reading; the lists themselves may be subject to manipulation by book publishers, booksellers, or even authors; The New York Times is a trademark of The New York Times Company. Read on.
    June 3, 1999

Blake List Archive Up to Date

    The Blake List — dedicated to our patron poet, William Blake — is temporarily down. While we bring it back up, enjoy the updated archive of list traffic, from Volume 1995 to Volume 1999.
    April 5, 1999

Dummies Daily(tm) Internet Tip Features Netiquiz

    Thanks to the good folks at Dummies Daily for the Netiquette plug — the hits are rolling in. You can find out more about Dummies Daily at Below is an excerpt from their Netiquette blurb.
    December 28, 1998

    Netiquette means "network etiquette," which, unfortunately, is almost an oxymoron on the network known as the Internet. Are you doing your part to keep the Net polite? Find out at How's Your Netiquette, a quick quiz that lets you know how to cyber-do unto others as you would have them cyber-do unto you.
    If, at the very least, this site only convinces people to stop typing e-mails in uppercase, it will have done the e-community a great, great service.
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