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Netiquette Online Edition 1.1 Released

Netdictionary on TV!

    It's always nice to see a site that you've worked on featured on the "small screen." Netdictionary recently got air time on two TV programs: New Media News and The Site. We're particularly pleased that to make it onto MSNBC's The Site. Despite the show's affiliation with Microsoft, their coverage of Internet news and trends is even-handed, lively, and humorous. And they've got the best gossip columnist in the business, an animated character by the name of Dev Null (sorry Katt and Cringely). 
    September 1, 1997

Albion Delivers Web Banner Advertising

    After years of selling hard goods (books) and soft goods (web services), we've just launched an advertising program -- you'll probably notice banner ads from our sponsors appearing at the top of many Albion pages. Please support us as we develop new business models for our sites, and click away at those banners! To find out how you can sponsor some of the finest pages on the web, check our Ad Rate Card. 
    July 10, 1997

HOW Selects Netdictionary as a Top Ten Web Site

    Netdictionary has garnered a slew of "cool site" awards over the past few weeks, but the nod from HOW Magazine's HOW NOW Online Business Center for Graphic Designers brings us a special kind of pleasure. We know the Netdictionary's programming and editorial are cool -- how bad could the design be if HOW decided to point its design audience our way? 
    April 27, 1997

Yahoo Selects Netdictionary as the Top Cool Site of the Week

    Netdictionary has been receiving major traffic thanks to a prominent link from the good folks at Yahoo. We've gone from zero to over 30,000 page impressions a day. Plus, we're getting tons of fan mail and suggestions for new words. Could it be that we have a hit on our hands? 
    April 7, 1997

Albion Releases Netdictionary Applet announces the release of Netdictionary 1.0 Beta, an alphabetical reference guide to Internet-related terms at Confounded by the meaning of a cryptic networking term? Can't seem to make sense of a particular acronym? The Netdictionary applet presents an easy-to-use interface to over 400 definitions of technical, cultural, and humorous words related to the Internet and computer networking. An HTML version is available for those without Java-compatible browsers. For more context, see our press release
    March 31, 1997

Albion Available for Web and Java Development Projects

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