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Chapter 14
Love & Sex in Cyberspace

Naturally, some people use cyberspace as a venue for romantic encounters. Net romance can take many forms. I know one California woman who, through a series of coincidences, started corresponding electronically with a man in France. Gradually their interest became romantic, and eventually they decided to visit each other's countries and meet in person.

Robin Williams, author of The Mac Is Not a Typewriter and other Macintosh books, writes about receiving email from a young man she didn't know. He had searched the profiles in the commercial online service they both used and discovered that they shared an interest in Shakespeare. Despite differences in age, religion, and geographic location, they kept up the correspondence. Eventually they got to know each other better innocently "chatting" in a "private room." "Somehow, over the months," Williams writes, "this unlikely relationship took an unexpected romantic turn." (Endnote #25)

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