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Note: This list is currently inactive. An archive of 1994-1999 will be posted to this page.

This list is devoted to discussions of network etiquette, the informal set of rules, civilities, and social graces that have evolved in cyberspace, the do's and don'ts of online behavior. What are the rules? How have they evolved? How can responsible net.citizens avoid breaches of etiquette? How should we respond to the breaches of others? Is flaming an art and if so, how can it be mastered? What's being said about Netiquette on the net and in the media?

Like all Albion Mailing Lists, Netiquette: The Mailing List is free resource open to the networking public. Albion launched it in conjunction with the publication of Netiquette by Virginia Shea. It's not very active but every once in a while an interesting flame war breaks out ;-)

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