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    The Albion business has taken several forms over the years. Founder and publisher Seth Ross began planning for an Internet-based business to be called "Albion" in the spring of 1989. He placed a NeXT computer with the hostname "albion" into service for online and book publishing in May 1990.

    In January 1993, Albion Books commenced business with the publication of Taking the Next Step: A Buyer's Guide to NeXTSTEP by Ross and co-author Daniel Kehoe. Between May 1994, when business manager Catherine Hubbard assumed a critical role, and December 7 1995, Albion put out three book titles, each accompanied by an online service: NetiquetteTM by Virginia Shea, The Millennium Shows, a novel by Philip Baruth, and The Newbie's GuideTM to The Microsoft Network by Michael Lehman.

    Armed with credo that "information wants to be free," Albion Cybercasting launched its first electronic mailing list, Blake Online, in November 1993 and has been serving the net ever since. Working with webmaster Daniel Kehoe, Albion launched this World Wide Web site in January 1995. That same month, after several months of negotiations, a core team composed of Ross, Hubbard, and programmer/author Michael Lehman, started developing a major online service on The Microsoft Network called the AlbionChannelSM.

    The Albion MSN service was composed of four "programs" -- the Netiquette Center, the Newbie Forum, BookExpoSM, and The Doors of CyberspaceSM -- that were launched currently with Windows 95 in August 1995. Our popular MSN services reached hundreds of thousands of MSN browsers and began to attract significant sponsorship commitments. Of course, success like this can be the kiss of death. While the service was a hit with users, a variety of circumstances prompted us to remove the AlbionChannel from MSN in July 1996.

    In January 1997, Albion started offering web and Java development services to corporate clients. In April 1997, Albion launched Netdictionary, an alphabetical reference guide to Internet terms designed to demonstrate our Java and web development capabilities.

    Since June 1997, Albion has been selling banner ads through Flycast. In 1999, the business was unofficially re-named Albion.com in preparation for a re-launch in the year 2000.

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