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Why "Albion"?

    The word Albion is an old, very old, name for England. Early references to it can be found in 6th-century BC Greek texts which mention the "islands of Albiones." This ancient name for the British Isles was re-popularized by the 18th-century poet William Blake, who envisioned Albion as a fallen and bound body that would be liberated by the revolutionary forces of the American and French revolutions. 

    Blake prophesied another revolution, one in which our liberated senses would allow us to perceive "the infinite." Perhaps because he was a commercial printer, Blake described this revolution in terms of the printing process and the " method in which knowledge is transmitted from generation to generation." With his stunning illuminated poems and " infernal" printing techniques, Blake broke through the static world of " books arranged in libraries" and anticipated " Visionary forms dramatic ... In new Expanses." 

    We named our business " Albion" after Blake's Albion, in homage to the expansive publishing tradition Blake upheld, and with the faith that cyberspace represents another kind of infinite frontier, bright, visionary, and ultimately liberating.

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