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    Privacy is a fundamental human right. Every individual has the right to be left alone, to be secure in his or her personal life, and to freely surf and communicate over the Internet without having to worry about disclosing private information.

The Privacy Problem

    You may think you're alone in your thoughts as you surf the web. But as Deep Throat says on the X-Files, "There's always someone watching Mr. Muldar."

    The Internet is the greatest privacy-destroying technology ever deployed. Practically every page you read, image you view, and application you run over the Internet is logged with the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the Internet-connected host you're using, along with information about your computer, your operating system, your web browser. Theoretically, a complete dossier of your web travels can be compiled by your Internet Service Provider and made available to law enforcement, national security agencies, marketeers, or your enemies.

    Some sites display "trust" logos, but always read the fine print in the carefully-worded privacy statements. Beware of anyone who strips you of a fundamental right while claiming to defend it.

    You are what you browse. By observing the web pages that someone views, the searches someone makes, the things that person buys, you can get inside that person's head. It just as if someone analyzed every book you read, or movie you watched -- only more cross-referenced and precise.'s Privacy Policy does not use, sell, or distribute information about the visitors to its site. Your privacy here is perfectly assured. We will not sell you out.

    We don't offer an "opt-out" option because there's nothing to "opt-in" to. We'll never pester you with unwanted mail.

    We've implemented security safeguards to ensure that your contacts and communications with our sites remain private.

    We support the legalization and widespread deployment of strong crypto as an antidote to the desire of some to snoop on others.

    We also support the development of legislation that would unconditionally protect privacy and punish any person or corporation that violates this fundamental right.

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