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allows up to six users per subscription.) As a "family" network, Prodigy does have its uses. It's probably used by more kids than most of the other services. I know a junior high school student who wanted to do a report on China's Silk Road and couldn't find anything in the local public library. He posted a query on Prodigy, and got a response from a college student 1500 miles away, with tons of useful information.


Started by the folks from the Whole Earth Review, the WELL (Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link) is known for the quality and intimacy of its discussion groups. As one of the smallest services, it has a communal feel missing in the garish screens and corporate orientation of its bigger, more commercial siblings. The WELL is fully connected to the Internet.

Other online services

There are several other commercial services that offer varying degrees of connectivity to the net, including DELPHI, AppleLink, BIX and GENIE. Expect more to be started in the coming months, including eWorld from Apple Computer. Keep in mind that each of these systems has its own rules and usage guidelines.

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