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Chapter 2
The Many Domains of Cyberspace

Most of the netiquette rules you'll find in this book apply to most areas of cyberspace. Nevertheless, remember that cyberspace is composed of various network domains and services, each with its own character and rules. Currently, cyberspace can be divided into two major domains: the Internet and the commercial online services.

The Internet

Many people have heard of the Internet, but confusion about what it actually is remains. There is a technical definition:

The Internet is a network of networks all running the TCP/IP protocol suite, connected through gateways, and sharing common name and address spaces. (Endnote #6)

Don't worry about the "TCP/IP protocol suite" and the rest of the jargon. The key here is the concept of "network of networks." The Internet is not a service per se, like CompuServe or cable TV. Started by the U.S. military in the 1960s, it's evolved into a cooperative arrangement among thousands of university, government, and corporate networks

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