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as Internet mail, which can be used to send email between different organizations, as opposed to LAN (local area network) mail systems that only work within a single organization. The truth is much simpler. If a note was sent from someone else's computer to yours, it's email.

The word email can also be spelled E-mail or e-mail. All three versions are correct.

Email notes and messages

Some email systems differentiate between "notes" and "messages." In this book, the terms are used interchangeably to refer to any communication sent via electronic mail.

Discussion groups

In this book, the term "discussion group" refers to an ongoing written conversation about a given specific topic, to which many people contribute their thoughts. "Discussion groups" include computer discussion forums, message boards, bulletin boards, electronic mailing lists, and USENET newsgroups.

Postings, notes, messages, articles

To participate in a discussion group, you "post" your written thoughts for other participants to read. The posted item may be referred to as a posting, a note, a message, or an article; they all mean approximately the same thing.

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