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pornography have the responsibility to be considerate of those who don't.

If you are posting pornographic or erotic material, it's your responsibility to make sure no one stumbles on it by accident. First of all, post it in the right place -- that is, in an area that is clearly marked as containing material of a sexual nature. Never post pornography or erotica to an area of cyberspace that is frequented by children. And never post material just for the purpose of being offensive, unless you're posting it to an area that exists for the purpose of being offensive (alt.tasteless, for example).

If you're using a UNIX newsreading system, you can probably "rotate" your messages. "Rotation" is an easy way to encrypt messages so that they're easy to decrypt, but can't be read by accident. The standard method, called "rot13," rotates each letter by thirteen characters so that an "a" becomes an "n." For example, the word "sex" would appear as "frk."

You might use rot13 encryption if, for example, you wanted to post a dirty joke to a humor discussion group that also contains innocent knock-knock jokes. (Endnote #30) (Although there should probably be two separate groups for the two different kinds of humor.) When you use rot13 encryption, be sure to put the word "rot13" in the subject line of the message. Your system administrator should be able to help you if you want more information.

Pornography and copyright

Various areas of cyberspace contain erotic pictures that anyone can download. Many of these pictures are scanned from copyrighted magazines like Playboy and Penthouse. That's a copyright violation. And copyright violations are very bad Netiquette, regardless of the subject matter. So please don't upload or download graphics created by artists

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