Blake List — Volume 1999 : Issue 3

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Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 10:15:58 -0800 (PST)
From: Ralph Dumain 
To: Erin Slattery ,

At 04:03 PM 1/22/99 -0600, Erin Slattery wrote:
>In any case, I ran across this reference in an unsuccessful
>attempt to trace Edgar Allan Poe's reading of Blake.  Stauffer's article
>can be found in _Notes and Queries_ (U.S. journal), and
>may be referenced in the MLA on-line Bibliography.  I believe the journal
>is a standard holding for most university libraries--I'd be happy
>to send a copy of the article.

I've already copied the article, thank you.  If you have a copy of the pages
from THE NATIONAL ANTI-SLAVERY STANDARD itself, now that I could use.  In
any case, I want to hear more about Poe and Blake, which is news to me.


Subject: Introduction
Date: 1 Feb 99 10:43:52 PST
From: mark peterson 

Hi, my name is Mark Peterson, I just joined your group. I've been working
through a Master's degree in theology and I've spent countless hours on
Blake's visionary genius, although I'm still wondering whether there is any
real, practical use in trying to make Blake's visions one's own. The 'Hammer
of Los' wasn't very productive in gathering interest from a wider public in
Blake's lifetime-- and I recently drew very few students in a class I was
teaching on the "Kerygma of William Blake" here in Sacramento, CA at Trinity
Cathedral. If any of you Blakeans have attempted to start local 'Blake
discussion groups' within a church /bible study context-- can you let me know
about your successes/failures (?)  I've heard people like A.N.Wilder (Harvard;
The Bible and Literary Criticism) refer to Blkae a a 'secularizer of the
Bible'-- but for my part, even though Blake's "Eternal worlds" encompass all
humanity, I still feel strongly that W.B. saw himself as a 'type' of prophet
in the Isaiah-Ezekiel camp (seeing his own genius as both contrary to, and in
service of the "heavenly Jerusalem" which John on Patmos framed in the
language of the Hebrew Bible's vision-- as God's Kingdom coming...). For that
reason, I've been fascinated with earlier dialogue on this web-site which gets
further into the esoteric side of Blake (kabbalah,etc.) and little on the
outspoken biblical directive of a Gospel filled with content; that, Blake gave
his life to. Does anyone have some input here? Is there another practical
'context'  here beyond e-mail communities,'hypertext-versions', or other
individualized approaches(?) If so, has anyone integrated Blake's work within
a 'church-group' setting ? What has been the outcome? I know monks love him,
people like Thomas Merton...- but I'm asking about those who live and work and
have kids and bills and cannot afford to live a life of pure solitude-- in
other owrds, can the 'secularized' man or woman in a crisis of faith, turning
to a community of faith, find a place for our friend William Blake in that

This web-site is a welcome change to 'theological isolation', thanks for the
chance to introduce myself. I hope to hear some of your ideas soon.

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