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Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 05:55:35 -0800 (PST)
From: Ralph Dumain 
Subject: Re: "the Outward Creation," Dross, etc.
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I've been too preoccupied elsewhere to get into this discussion again, but
it now seems that Tom Devine is about the only person left on this list
unwilling to allow the spiritualist whitewashing of Blake to go its vapid
way unchallenged.  The only reality is the life you're living now.  If it's
an encrustation upon your immortal spirit, you've got to fight it with
whatever you've got.

The key passages are recapitulated below:

At 01:53 AM 3/30/98 EST, TomD3456 wrote:
>And I can well
>believe that, as a mortally ill man at the door of death, he would equate
>leaving the body with entering a world of pure imagination, or Eternity.
>But then why not commit suicide and get it over with?  Steve Perry is right to
>bring in the world of overpopulation, pollution, etc., and to remind us of
>Blake's emphasis on the collective responsibility we bear for making our
>insights of use in the world ("building Golgonooza").  As "enghhh" said,

>This is why Dushyant's quotation from the Upanishad's does indeed sound like
>Blake, but only like half of Blake, to me.  The side that is missing is
>Blake's activist side, the involved, political side that Steve refers to,
>citing the building of Golgonooza, and that enghhh refers to as "doing
>something about the cry."  It reminds me rather of the Buddhist idea of the
>Boddhisattva, who gains enlightenment but refuses to escape the world by an
>individual transcendence, instead vowing to return to the world again and
>again to work for the spread of enlighte