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Notice: The Blake List is currently on hiatus whilst we bring up a new mail server. In the meantime, you can check out recent postings in the Blake List Archive.

What is the Blake List?

    The Blake List is an electronic conference & mailing list dedicated to the life & work of William Blake (1757-1827), English artist, poet & mystic. List topics include anything of interest to Blakeans, including: commentary & criticism, contemporary influences, announcements of events & publications of interest to Blakeans, pointers to other Blake resources, both online & book-bound, efforts to digitize & "re-illuminate" Blake's work, the Printing house in Hell & other memorable fancies. The Blake List is unmoderated and open to the networking public.

Who Runs the Blake List?

    The Blake List is run by, one of the oldest commercial sites on the Internet. The list-maintainer is Seth T. Ross. The editor is Mark Trevor Smith. All administrative queries should be directed to the address

When Was It Started?

    The Blake List was launched in November 1993. As of March 1999, there have been over 7500 posts. A partial archive of list postings covers 1995-1997 plus 1999.

The Blake List Archive

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